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5 Things You MUST Know About a Utah DUI

  • You must request a DMV hearing within ten (10) days of arrest or automatically lose your license.
  • Even first time DUI criminal convictions require an Ignition Interlock Device installation for eighteen (18) months – no exceptions whatsoever
  • BAC above .159 require supervised probation with random alcohol & drug testing
  • The difference between a DUI conviction and a reduced charge of Impaired Driving (41-6a-502.5 (1) (a)) can mean up to $5,000 in savings; this is a major reason to hire a DUI attorney
  • Legal prescriptions for pharmaceuticals are incorrectly treated the same as regular DUI’s; failing to hire an attorney to ensure they are treated correctly can lead to over $5,000 in unnecessary fines and fees.

Never plead guilty without a competent DUI attorney first evaluating your case.

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Experienced Utah DUI Defense

Utah has some of the most severe DUI laws in the country and being charged with a DUI can have a lasting negative impact on your life. Your future depends on having an experienced and dedicated Utah DUI attorney at your side to fight for your rights and ensure you are protected.

I exclusively defend DUI cases in Salt Lake City, Park City, Tooele, West Valley, Holladay, Bountiful, Provo and throughout the state of Utah. My record speaks for itself as I have represented hundreds of DUI cases resulting in a dismissal or reduced charges and fines.

As an attorney, I solely defend DUI Utah cases because I believe DUI prosecutions in Utah are largely misplaced and target regular, law-abiding citizens who attempt to stay within the law by drinking responsibly. DUI enforcement is highly political and understandably driven by the senseless carnage that irresponsible drunk drivers cause on the roadways. That being said, innocent people should not be subjected to Utah’s use of inaccurate intoxilizers, completely unproven field sobriety tests, and illegal police actions which infringe upon a person’s constitutional rights.

When it comes to Utah DUI defense, I have studied the applicable case law and legal procedure so I can find errors in the case made against you and determine your best defense, almost every Utah DUI case contains some sort of police or machine error that can be used to help your case. Your future depends on experience and I have what it takes to defend you when all odds seem to be against you. It costs nothing to become informed. To request a hearing with the DMV call us today.

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Utah DUI Education

I believe success in the courtroom begins long before you are ever pulled over. Knowing and understanding your rights is essential to preventing trouble in the future, as once you are arrested for a DUI, regardless of the outcome, you are forever “marked” in the police computer system and will be treated differently each time you are stopped for any traffic violation. Knowing what to do, and not do, is critical to limiting exposure in the future. Once you have been arrested for a DUI, the police are looking to give you another one for the slightest infraction.

As a Salt Lake City attorney who specializes in DUI law, I feel it is my responsibility to educate the public about their rights when they are involved with a DUI arrest. Please feel free to browse through the DUI articles provided on my website. Being informed about Utah DUI law and your rights could make all the difference in your present case, as well as any future traffic infractions where your history becomes an issue.

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