DUI Criminal and Civil Procedure Is More Important Than The Truth!

There . . ., I said it – DUI procedure both civil and criminal is more important than the truth, or facts of the case. You have no idea what you are in for unless you have been in trouble before, and even then; court and DMV procedure has undergone such radical changes that even criminal lawyers have a hard time keeping up unless they are dealing with the DMV every day. Remarkably, or perhaps not, the fact is that you can get two different answers to the same question from the DMV/DLD on the same day – it’s that complicated. If you are completely innocent of charges brought against you, and because of sickness you are unable to appear, and as a result the process goes forward and the system convicts you, in absentia as it is called, that conviction is just as valid as someone who has defended themselves properly. This is just one example of why you need an experienced lawyer on your side.

Timing Can Lead To Your Success Or Failure

Never plead guilty without learning about Utah DUI criminal rules. Many people just go along for the ride, even when their DUI is charged late and not prosecuted for a while – did you know about your speedy trial rights? Again, unless you ask for them the court won’t enforce them and will let the prosecution run right over them; but if the prosecution does not prosecute your case promptly, the case can be dismissed entirely without the chance of re-filing! Timing is EVERYTHING in both the DMV and the COURT process, and you cannot change or alter this; there are literally time limitations for everything in both the civil and criminal side and failure to do this results in progressively worse things, ending with jail. You cannot act like an ostrich here; rather you must become aware of each and every time limit, and act accordingly, with a lawyer or without one. Failure to ask for a Utah Division Of Motor Vehicles administrative hearing; a DMV hearing results only in license suspension, but failure to appear at a court arraignment, pretrial, or any other court date (whether you know about it or not) will result in an arrest warrant, arrest and suspension of your drivers license (even if the license is out of state). Take time seriously because the court and prosecutor will, and they will use it against you and possibly sentence you to jail for contempt of court.


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